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Succo di mela "RELAX" 12x500ml DESTAN Wurstel di manzo 10x400g BAKTAT Giardiniera di verdure 12X720g DESTAN Salame di manzo 10x450g HARIRA Zuppa alla marocchina 12x1L Ajvar - Salsa vegetale alla paprica piccante 12x330g MERAY Semi di girasole extra salati 14x300g DESTAN Parmak sucuk 9x1000g MERAY Semi di girasole salati 12x170g MERAY Semi di girasole 12x170g DESTAN Wurstel di pollo 20x500g OZYOREM Salame piccante di manzo 12x80g DESTAN Kangal sucuk 9x1000g DESTAN Formaggio Kombi 6x800g YOREM Formaggio di capra 6x400g Succo ai frutti di bosco "RELAX" 12x500ml Succo di frutta mista "RELAX" 12x500ml YOREM Formaggio di capra 6x1000g Ozyorem Salame margherita 12x80g DESTAN Salame di Pollo 10x450g


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Since 2009 SEZAK brand is synonymous of selection, import and distribution on national and global markets of the best ethnic and Halal products.

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What is Halal

Ḥalāl is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law: no compromises between quality and service.

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Sticky sweet, flaky and nutty, a small slice of baklava goes a long way, especially with a tiny cup of strong coffee. Serve after a mezze feast. Read all!
Ingredients: 1 tbsp lemon juice, For the syrup:, 2 tbsp granulated sugar, 300ml/10½fl oz water, 225g/8oz unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing, 18 sheets ready-made filo pastry (unwrap and keep under a damp tea-towel until you are ready to use) etc...


Gemlik olive

Gemlik olive
A Gemlik olive,Tirilye olive is variety from the Gemlik, Zeytinbağı area of northern Turkey. Gemlik olives called the following names as Tirilye, Curly, wrapping paper and black. They are small to medium sized black olives with a high oil content. This type of olive is very common in Turkey and is sold as a breakfast olive in the cured formats... Read all!